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The Bantam Cock

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Marita Beth and I made our annual journey to the Ft. Worth Stock Show this weekend. Normally, I go to drink good beer and watch the women. This year, I'm afraid it was all about cocks and chicks.


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Happy in Florida

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Not so daily, anymore, is it? I have taken a break from the daily writing for the KRuMB that has lasted, quite by accident for nearly a year.  It was unintentional, and although the “freedom” has been kind of nice, the void is too great.  I miss it.  So, here I am… no guarantees right now … no solid daily commitment …let’s see how it goes. In fact, let’s see if I even remember how to attach a photo to my written words!

Currently, I am in Florida visiting my mama. We are doing our best this week, to honor my grandmother’s memory and celebrate her birthday. Gammy would have been 100 years old tomorrow. We’ve gone shopping, took a trip in the RV to see a broadway-quality show, played card games, had a few political debates, and just generally enjoyed one another’s company. My week here is passing very quickly.

As a proper resident of central Florida, my mama has decorated one of the bathrooms in her lovely home in Mickey Mouse style.  Wallpaper border, shower curtain and other accessories all display the Mouse and I, of course, love it.  For years, one of the things that has amused me greatly is a framed postcard on the wall, that depicts Mickey and Minnie at the park, and carries the printed words, “We’re happy in Florida.”  It always makes me grin because it seems to me to be a little less “we’re vacationing in FL and wanted you to know” and a little more, “we’ve retired to Florida and aren’t ever coming home!”  And, in fact, that’s very true about my mother—she really is happy in Florida and it shows!

My photo is of Mama and John at the restaurant where we had dinner tonight.  I think they are pretty cute.


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