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Lobotomy Bock

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My wife and I had a rare Sunday where, with naught to do, we filled the void with each others company. A rare and fascinating thing, that. We traipsed here and there and other places besides but always with the eye of retiring our day in the halls of the World of Beer.
I love this place and do not think I can stress that enough. In a land previously dominated by the putrid yellow fizz-water that go by the monikers of Coors, Miller or Bud, it's refreshing to find that rare gem that serves all but…
Sadly, all craft beers being made unequal, I stumble across brews that are as ineffectual on the palate as the aforementioned fizz-mongers. This is one such beer. A bocked lager at a pretentious ABV who's very character is belied by it's watery-thin, unwarranted- and frankly unwelcomed – juvenile belligerence. It was a jolt to the tongue, the sensibilities and in a larger sense, the craft.
It shall not pass my lips again.


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Buffalo Trace

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It’s no secret I volunteer at the Rahr. This morning, I noticed for the first time this barrel in the corner. I’m hoping it will be used for some wondrous beer-aging.Cheers.

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Superbowl Day

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My wife are working at the Rahr today, but enroute we stopped at the Yucatan Taco Stand for food & margaritas before football & superb beer at the Rahr.


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