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I’m Home

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NYRF Reflections
Monday, 22 September, 2014

New York! We’re in New York! Well, actually, more accurately, we’re in New Jersey this morning,  enjoying the end of a delightful overnight stay at a Hilton Homewood Suites. We’ve logged five states in two days–we left Texas on Saturday morning, landed in Boston, Massachusetts Saturday afternoon, drove to Danbury Connecticut that evening, and spent a magical day on Sunday at the New York Renaissance Faire.

Its been a while since we had a holiday.  About halfway between our last trip to the UK and our next one, the opportunity to enjoy a week in New England didn’t sit on the table for long before we pounced on it. Here’s how that went: My annual Gal Pal Weekend with my best friends from college is next weekend in Boston.  Kyle loves Boston and I’ve never really been there. He wanted to show me Boston, so we decided he’d make the trip with me a day or two earlier than the weekend, leave me with the girls and fly home on Friday. I’d have my weekend, and go home on Sunday. Then, we learned this spring that our dear friends Roxy and Damaris had been hired to perform for the first time at the New York Renaissance Faire–a festival that has long held allure for me, since it’s located so close to where I grew up, yet I had never been there. (Although it seems the faire began in 1977, I was completely unaware of it before leaving the area to go to TCU in 1980.) So, it took me about three seconds to realize that the final weekend of the faire was just one weekend prior to my Gal Pal Weekend–perfect timing to allow for me to do both events! I blurted this out to Kyle in front of Roxy and Damaris and a plan was born.

So, we have rented a car, crossed a few state lines, spent an amazing day with friends at one of the prettiest faires I’ve ever seen, and now, today, we will continue this adventure by driving north along the beautiful Hudson River, taking in the sights (the leaves are just beginning to turn) and allowing me to show Kyle the places that are near and dear to my heart from my childhood. I’m so excited, I’m vibrating!  Gotta go!