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Shopping at the Christkindl Market

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Arlington, Texas is a place I, somewhat begrudgingly, currently call home. It’s got its good points, Arlington does, but its bad points are significant and will be the subject of a post sometime in the future I’m sure.

Today, I will focus on one of the good points. Arlington does have a thriving culture of outdoor markets and festivals. Four years ago, Arlington along with some local investors, created the first annual Arlington Christkindl Market. Marita Beth and I were there. The festival pales in comparison to the Christkindl Markets that I attended as a child growing up in Germany, but it’s a charming, delightful food- and beer-full event that gets better each and every year. It’s a multi-week festival and is open all 7 days of each of those weeks, so it’s quite the commitment for the vendors, but we see the same ones returning year after year, so we can only assume that its at least profitable if not excellent.

Shopping at the Texas Christkindl MarketThis shot was taken as Marita Beth was shopping and chatting with a Nepalese shop owner near the end of our visit. Its indicative to me of the type of person Marita Beth is – she will step into a shop and engage in conversation over what ever may strike her fancy. She’s lovely like that.

Today, the festival is renamed to the Texas Christkindl Market – I hope that the larger (Texas-sized) identity means that there are larger bigger things on the horizon for this lovely, if small, Christmas festival.



(Photo taken on 20 December, 2014)

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Dickens in a New Light

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Long time readers of the Daily KRuMB (yes, we know we’ve been lax, we hope to fix that soon) know that MB and myself, along with a passel of friends and chosen family, descend on Ship’s Mechanic Row and the Strand on Galveston Island for four days every year on the first weekend of December. This has been our tradition for nearly 20 years and will remain so for years to come. This year, however, was different. First, my dear friend – dare I say sister – and her charming husband joined us this year for the first time as part of the larger ostentation. And, what a delight it was to finally get to share all the fun that is Dickens on the Strand with them. Secondly, and far more sadly, our very dear friend, George, was unable to join us as he finally lost his battle with cancer. He had hoped dearly to make this one final trip, but the cards he was dealt did not take that into consideration and for all his bluster and bluffing, he lost the hand. We knew this was coming – we had known this was coming for nearly two years – yet still, it was difficult for all. We toasted his memory at the ball. We held Mourning Staves in portraits, we danced with his (digital) image, and we talked about him incessantly through the week-end. He was with us, regardless.Victorian Mourning

In the lead up to this finality, my wife ran across a Victorian photo that appears to be a trio of women gazing through a book of memories. With this image in hand (see to the right), we set out to re-create it as best we could. Finding a suitable location proved slightly problematic but we eventually moved a chair into the elevator lounge and draped the hall-tree with a large piece of black cloth. The lighting was just about right, but there was simply nothing to be done about that background. I just had to work with what we had. Several hundred photographs later from three different photographers, I settled on one and went to work with Photoshop and Lightroom to get as close as possible to the original in feeling if not necessarily in form.




This is the result. Mourning Portrait

In honor of George and those who have gone before.












~KR (Written on 17 December, 2014)

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