Dan as Will Kemp

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Dan as Will Kemp

27 April 2010

I went shopping this morning! Glenda (Terrill’s Glenda, not David’s Glenda) needed new shoes for a formal party she’s attending this weekend, and she hates shopping for shoes. Imagine! I can’t! I love shopping for shoes and I need very little excuse to jump in and do so on someone else’s behalf. So, I met her at the mall, and performed the role of girlfriend and shoe expert rather well, if I do say so myself! She successfully found a perfect little pair of black dressy heels that will be just perfect with her little black dress. Of course, I didn’t exactly get out of the shoe department unscathed, but, what I bought was off the sale rack! 😉

We grabbed a quick lunch at Olive Garden and then the afternoon saw me zipping off to the mid-cities for my accupuncture appointment. I cannot rightly remember what happened after that, except that I know I have no photographic documentation of whatever it was! So, once again, I cheat with a weekend photo. Above is a photo of Dan … dear friend, SAPA director, and one of my repeat customers. This is his crazy, new outfit for faire this year. I documented my work on it here on the KRuMB as it progressed, and here is the finished product on the man. I would have taken his photo sooner, but he wanted me to wait ’til he had the new hat! 😉 My best disclaimer is this: Will Kemp was a “jester”-like character … a flamboyant actor … really …


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