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Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History

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I’m really not much of a museum person. My wife wishes I was, hell, Museum sometimes I wish I was. But, frankly, museums bore me. I get more out of watching a good show on the History channel or reading a good book then I do going to the museum. Or so I thought.

We decided, pretty much on a lark, to go to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History for their Adult Night Out thing that they do once a month.


Well, hooray for museums!

At least this one. Shiner Bock, Elvis and Beatles impersonators and, best of all, no children, has me a bit of a convert at the moment. I had more fun at this museum than I’ve had at a museum since…well, since ever.

Thanks, Ft. Worth, for having cool museums and doing great things with them – for adults.

The photo is of the Southside entrance to the building.


~KR (Written on 11 January 2011)

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Within Pendragon

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Within Pendragon

4 May 2010

Kids Days.

Always a bit of a frustrating endeavor is our participation in the annual “Kids Days” event at faire.  “Student Days” they officially call it—conjuring up a much more educationally-rich experience than most of the “students” seem to have on these two days.

Our shoppe, Pendragon Costumes, is one of the many at faire, for whom these days are anything but profitable.  With a product only for adults, and a starting price point at nearly fifty bucks—this is not a shoppe that interests the kids, or stands even a chance of coming out ahead.  This year, for the first time in many, we were given the option of paying a “fee” or “fine” to remain closed.  But, when I did the math, the expenses related to being open, and the fine itself were so similar that I opted for participation in the interest of not wanting to be noticed for the lack thereof.

So, we left most of the shoppe closed and inaccessible to prevent damage and theft, and we set up mannequins all along the front of the shoppe for the kids to view and ask questions about.   Garry brought his guitar and played and sang, and I answered a few questions, and when all was said and done, we didn’t really mind the relaxed passing of a few hours in the lovely spring weather.  Go figure.


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