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Stacks of Rahr Boxes

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Boxes at Brewery

11 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Betty Faye!
After more than two weeks without a visit to the Rahr Brewery, I decided I didn’t want to miss another event, so I went by myself tonight, for the Wednesday tour and tasting. I poured beer for a little while, and had a great time. It was a good break from mind-numbing computer work and sewing. While I was there, I saw the boxes stacked along a wall and was reminded of a photo I took many weeks ago, while the KRuMB was mostly inactive. I finally figured out how to dig it out of my phone and get it into my computer, and voila!

I also solidified a plan I hatched in my brain earlier this week. We’ve been racking our brain about just how to celebrate my upcoming natal day … it’s a big one … and since it falls on a Wednesday, I’ve decided we’ll celebrate at the Rahr!

So, next Wednesday, from five to seven-thirty, we’ll have a table “reserved” for our friends to visit with us and enjoy some awesome beer while we acknowledge my jump from middle-age to Old Lady! And, yes, the AARP card application came in the mail last week! After beer, I think we’ll drive a couple of blocks to a neat little Italian restaurant we discovered recently, called Mamma Mia’s. Mark it on your calendars … I’m only turning 50 once!


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Beer Manager

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Beer Manager

5 March 2011

Being stuck in traffic due to an accident is not the way I wanted to start my first day as a beer manager at the North Texas Irish Festival. I had my schedule worked out pretty well and we left the house earlier this morning than we’ve ever left for an Irish Festival day. But, the universe had other plans for me, and by the time we parked (parking lot stupidity was at an all time high) and walked to volunteer check-in and I had a radio in my hand, I was much later than I’d hoped to be.

It worked out alright, though. I found my booth—they moved it last night!—met my first couple of volunteer pourers, and started my set-up. Wine and ice bucket over here. Sanitizing station … over there. Personal stuff back here. Boxes of cups … down there. Taps are hooked up … Breathe. Relax … Okay …

I got everyone signed in, checked their TABC licenses and learned names. We had little time to wait; since one other booth wasn’t opening at all due to the cold, nasty wind, we had early morning customers.  The cold weather made for a slow morning, but by midday, the sun was out and the cold didn’t seem so penetrating.

It wasn’t too far into the day when Doug showed up in my booth looking all business-like.  Then, Barbara showed up, too, and I started to get concerned that I might be in some sort of trouble.   When Kara, too, arrived, I was officially worried.  Three of the four beer coordinators—my bosses—in my booth all at the same time?   But, moments later, after a wordy introduction about how I was crazy enough to want more responsibility, they presented me with the hat in this photo.  Apparently, it’s become sort of a joke, that all beer managers are given a hat like this on their first day.

Those who really know me, will know exactly how ironic this is.  I hate baseball-style caps.  This is actually a “trucker’s hat” or a “hunter’s cap”—technically even more awful, in my book.  I hate the fact that somewhere along the line it became socially acceptable for these hats to be worn by anyone, anytime, indoors or out.  I get that baseball players need to shade their eyes from the sun … that’s an appropriate use of this hat style.  I can even understand other uniform-type uses for it …  But, backwards?  Or, on a shady day?  Or not on a baseball diamond?  And, why are they such a fashion trend?  And, when did men decide to ignore centuries of tradition and not remove these hats indoors?  Or during the singing of our national anthem?  I once tapped a six and a half-foot tall total stranger on the shoulder during the national anthem AT a baseball game and motioned authoritatively for him to take his cap off!  He did, too.  My list of billed-hat-related gripes is a mile long.

So, for me to be given this hat that I’m expected to wear, is frankly more than a little but funny.  But, as the newbie, and not wanting to offend or buck the system, I wore the damn thing … all day.  (I started to wear it the next day, too, until my husband told me how silly I looked in it and I got brave enough to carry it, rather than wear it.)  I have since found out that everyone thinks they’re awful!  Both those who wear them and those who just look at us wearing them.  It’s really rather funny.  A couple of the managers (mostly newer ones) wear them, but, one guy actually threw his in the trash moments after receiving it! LOL.  Another guy wears it only when working, and switches the second his shift is done. Someone else said they were given one, but didn’t know where it was.  I’m now trying to figure out if I can take the logo part that says “beer manager” and sew it onto some other, less offensive hat style for next year’s festival!  I might start a new fashion trend!

I worked my shift as manager at Beer booth #3, then went to the whiskey tasting and worked another couple of hours.  Since the whiskey tasting is how I got involved in this volunteer gig, I really didn’t want to give it up. When I finished there, I found my husband, and after a quick bite to eat, we enjoyed music for the rest of the evening.  Lots of our friends were there, including Bryan, Mike and Graham, Allyson (and Rod, although I never saw  him), Mary and Donny, Paige and Bobby and girls, Laura, Marcus and many, many others.  We stayed almost to the very end of the evening, finally tearing ourselves away only because we knew we had dogs at home, and that tomorrow morning would come awfully early after such a long day.


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