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On Beltane and Birthdays and Brocade

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Burgundy Brocade

1 May 2010

I cannot remember exactly why I took this macro photo of this lovely burgundy damask brocade fabric. That’s what I get for being so far behind. But, what I do remember about this beautiful spring day is that it was a day of merriment and celebration … not just because it was Beltane, but because it was Kat’s birthday, as well.

Being a Bristol faire girl, Kat had never spent her birthday at faire on a faire day … until now. And, I’m pretty sure she’s sold on the concept!

As if it isn’t enough fun to celebrate your birthday at faire, with all the songs and flowers and hugs and silliness, but on Beltane?! What a great, life-affirming combination!

So, Happy Birthday, Kat! And, Happy Birthday to KellyeBeth, Kyle’s sister, as well!


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