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On Beltane and Birthdays and Brocade

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Burgundy Brocade

1 May 2010

I cannot remember exactly why I took this macro photo of this lovely burgundy damask brocade fabric. That’s what I get for being so far behind. But, what I do remember about this beautiful spring day is that it was a day of merriment and celebration … not just because it was Beltane, but because it was Kat’s birthday, as well.

Being a Bristol faire girl, Kat had never spent her birthday at faire on a faire day … until now. And, I’m pretty sure she’s sold on the concept!

As if it isn’t enough fun to celebrate your birthday at faire, with all the songs and flowers and hugs and silliness, but on Beltane?! What a great, life-affirming combination!

So, Happy Birthday, Kat! And, Happy Birthday to KellyeBeth, Kyle’s sister, as well!


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Hogmanay Fireworks

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Midnight Fireworks

31 December 2008


It’s been a little bit strange to think about how different this year is right now, from the last sixteen New Year’s Eves. For ten years, on the 31st of December, we hosted one of the few Hogmanay parties in the U.S.  Before that, we hosted a New Year’s Eve Party with a theme. One year it was a pajama party.  Another year it was a hat party.  One year was “black and white.”  It was the year that the theme was “plaid” that we took the turn toward the recurring Scottish theme, did the research and began what we grew into a multi-tiered, annual, tradition and helped make “Hogmanay” a little more worldwide!

This year, instead of scurrying around the house, lighting candles, hanging lights, filling ice chests, and making wassail in preparation for forty or so guests, we are in Edinburgh Scotland making our dreams come true. We are here for the “real” Hogmanay—at the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve Celebration.  From the moment we first learned about this event, we’ve wanted to be here, and now, here we are!

Kyle has already written a beautiful post to the KRuMB about our day, and I truly have nothing to add to his heartfelt and artful essay. He is right when he writes that words cannot describe the raw emotions of the day. I only know that we can check another item off our life’s “must do” list. And that the only thing that would have made today any better, is if we could have had all of our friends and loved ones here with us! How we would love to have shared this evening with all of you!

So, I give to you (one of many) a photo of tonight’s fireworks.  It was one of the most amazing fireworks displays I’ve ever seen.  Afterwards, It was a full ten minutes before the smoke cleared enough that we could once again see the castle on the hill above us. 

Happy Hogmanay!  Happy New Year!

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My Guinness

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15 March 2008
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Once every several hundred years, St. Patrick’s Day falls at the beginning of Holy Week. When it became apparent last year that this year would be that “once in a lifetime event” the Pope declared that St. Patrick’s Day would be moved to the 15th for this year. I don’t think the word got out.
Marita Beth, Kelly & I went to Rahr Brewery to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Codie, Janet, Mary, Donny, Alex & Emily (and the myridad hundreds that are there each weekend). On a spur of the moment decision after the Rahr kicked us out, we went West to Central Market and immersed ourselves in live music, Irish food and more beer. What a great time!
My Guinness

~KR (Written on 19 March 2008)

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 5.8 mm
ISO Speed: 160
Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV
Flash: Flash did not fire

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