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The Farthest North Ever!

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Monday, 28 December 2015

The North SeaFishing Boats

Kyle and the Babes 2015. Day Twelve.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … A Lifetime First …the opportunity to go farther north than either of us had ever been before!  Parts of Alaska are farther south than we were, today!

We left the lovely Newburgh Inn and headed truly due north.  Kyle battled extreme winds all day as he drove and was amazing behind the wheel. Our first milestone stop was in Fraserburgh. If you look at a map of Britain and notice that there are two bulges on the northeast side … the top one is a summer time-only trip, and we hope to do that someday.  The second one is where we were today!  Aberdeenshire, the county in that corner of the world, is wilder and rougher than most parts of Scotland we’ve seen.  With the wind we dealt with today, it even seemed more exposed and untamed than the parts of the Highlands we’ve visited in the past.  No big hills or mountains … just fields and crags … and at the end of the road north: The North Sea.  The town of Fraserburgh seems to be mostly a world of boats and fishing.  I think we saw every type imaginable of businesses having to with boats. And so many boats in relatively small spaces that it must be like a game of Tetris at the end of the fishing season, to get them all safely situated like what we saw today.  But, the highlight of the adventure was the Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse.  Built in the 16th century for the Fraser family, the lighthouse was added to the castle in 1787. Unfortunately, the information we had found online was incorrect, and the place was not open for tours today, after all.  But, we enjoyed a self-tour of the outside and the grounds … which included a fairly up-close and personal look at the cold North Sea.

Without traveling far to the west, there is no farther north we could go, so we turned and headed back south, but this time along the coast, instead of up the center of Aberdeenshire.  That meant a slightly smaller road and the ability to take a detour for milestone number two: a dip in the North Sea!  Not our whole bodies, of course; I looked it up and that water was 9 degrees centigrade, today.  But, despite the temperature and the wind factor, we found ourselves a lovely little beach in a tiny town called Cruden Bay and I put my fingers in it!  Mandalyn was even braver–she was hell-bent on putting her foot in it and dunk that foot, she did!  Another bucket list item checked!

After that we attempted a visit to the ruin of Slains Castle, but realized after a long and lovely, if not windy walk, that we were not even halfway there!  And, the second half of the walk was going to be across a wide-open, wind-swept field of tall grass …did I mention it was cold and windy? There was some photo-taking from afar and the satisfaction of achieving at least some of our goals for the day. We walked back to our car and quickly found a lovely little hotel pub that was open (today was the banking holiday for Christmas and the last of a four-day weekend for many Brits) for a drink and a snack before continuing south to our overnight stop in Dundee.

Dundee proves to be a big enough city that finding a quaint little hotel like we prefer was nigh to impossible without more expertise on the area. So, we found a lovely Doubletree by Hilton that incorporates a beautiful old manor house as its bar, restaurant and administration offices. Dundee has a history of being one of the top producers of jute in the world and in the mid-nineteenth century when that industry was in its heyday, one wealthy mill owner built this place for his bride.  It became a hotel in the 1930s and though it has seen many changes over the decades, it’s beauty is respected and maintained.

We took a brief trip into the little suburb of Invergowrie and visited a couple of spots, one for dinner where I had a nearly perfect plate of haddock and chips, and the other just for a pint.

Tomorrow, we’re headed in to our favorite big city in the world:  Edinburgh. It feels like going home.



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A Cold Night at TRF

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It's Cold at TRF Tonight!

21 November 2008

Oh my goodness, we’re cold!  The temperature is dropping, just as the weathermen promised—we’re expecting it to be in the thirties during the night.  Fortunately, we have an electric mattress pad which keeps us pretty toasty while we sleep. 

I got all my Friday projects done, and made three chain girdles after arriving at faire.  Kyle worked a little late, but his timing was perfect for me to have everything pretty much ready when he got home, and off we went.  Once again, we left our pups in the capable care of Rod and Allyson.

So, into weekend number seven at TRF.


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Ice and a Pink Straw

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Ice and a Pink Straw

28 September 2008

I have been surrounded by old receipts and file folders for days.  We’re coming up on a tax deadline, and I cannot believe how many hours I have in this project.  Arrggghhh!

After a long, boring day of shuffling and filing paper, Kyle took me out for Tex Mex and a margarita.  My photo is of that margarita.

“Mr. New Eyes” is pretty darned pleased with himself these last couple of days.  He has already used the words, “life-changing.”  The redness that’s left in his eyes tonight isn’t much worse than what would normally result from a long day in his contact lenses.  Today, he went down to NFG to watch part of the Cowboy game (ouch!) with Terrill,  and apparently, at one point in the game, Terrill asked “Mr. New Eyes” to tell him the score, ’cause he couldn’t read the screen himself.  Kyle could and did.  I’m so happy for him.  One more follow-up appointment on Thursday, and then he’ll be done with the antibiotics and all that really remains is for him to simply enjoy seeing!


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