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Shopping at the Christkindl Market

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Arlington, Texas is a place I, somewhat begrudgingly, currently call home. It’s got its good points, Arlington does, but its bad points are significant and will be the subject of a post sometime in the future I’m sure.

Today, I will focus on one of the good points. Arlington does have a thriving culture of outdoor markets and festivals. Four years ago, Arlington along with some local investors, created the first annual Arlington Christkindl Market. Marita Beth and I were there. The festival pales in comparison to the Christkindl Markets that I attended as a child growing up in Germany, but it’s a charming, delightful food- and beer-full event that gets better each and every year. It’s a multi-week festival and is open all 7 days of each of those weeks, so it’s quite the commitment for the vendors, but we see the same ones returning year after year, so we can only assume that its at least profitable if not excellent.

Shopping at the Texas Christkindl MarketThis shot was taken as Marita Beth was shopping and chatting with a Nepalese shop owner near the end of our visit. Its indicative to me of the type of person Marita Beth is – she will step into a shop and engage in conversation over what ever may strike her fancy. She’s lovely like that.

Today, the festival is renamed to the Texas Christkindl Market – I hope that the larger (Texas-sized) identity means that there are larger bigger things on the horizon for this lovely, if small, Christmas festival.



(Photo taken on 20 December, 2014)

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Triumver-butts I

7 November 2009

Another absolutely beautiful day at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The temperature got a little higher than we’d have preferred, but I don’t think it got higher than about 80 degrees. And, true to form, the patrons were here in droves. I believe the count was over 31,000 people!

Sales, however, also true to form, were fairly average. When the park gets that full, the patrons stay in the lanes and the pubs. The stage acts do well . . . the beer and food booths kick butt. But, the crafters, particularly with higher dollar products . . . not so much. So, no butt-kicking here, just a solid day. However, there was butt-sketching!

Jonathan—the god of butt-sketching—has begun a trio of sketches (one for each of us, of course!) of we three girls that have us all feeling like goddesses!

I wrote last week about how much we enjoyed Jonathan’s work. And how much fun this is to have done. We now own three, and we’ve sent numerous people over there to enjoy the fun.  Kyle has posted a great photo taken during the sketching of Iris and Rose. And, now, I am actually posting my photo of today’s masterpiece. We are calling this series of three: Triumver-butts. The concept was born last weekend when everyone started seeing how fabulous these are, and Ginger coined the phrase “triumver-butts.” We hadn’t made a specific plan for when, so it was a totally wonderful, serendipitous fluke that Kelly and Ginger both showed up at my booth, at the slow end of the day, just before dark. So, off we went to ask Jonathan to work his magic! Ginger won the toss on who got today’s piece. The second of the three should happen tomorrow!

The triumverate is happy.


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Janet in the Rafters

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Janet in the Rafters

1 November 2009

Somehow, I never managed to snap even one photo of Nicole or Shawn or Jerry this weekend. Somehow.  But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy our visit and cram in a little bit of fun!  Thanks, Nicole, for helping to make it a great weekend!

I did, however, happen to have my camera on me, when I looked up and saw this! Janet has talked for a long time about climbing in the rafters to get spinners up and down for Hal’s booth, but I’d never seen it in person, much less caught it on “film.” But, here she is . . . looking as adorable as ever . . . just twenty feet in the air!

We had a great day. The final day of celebration of Kyle’s birthday began with coffee and went quickly to bloody marys. In fact, we had a booth full of folks celebrating with us this morning! Nicole and Shawn, Ian, Darcy, Damaris, Roxy, Bevin, Allison, and at least part of my staff all joined us in either bloody marys, bloody marias (tequila, not vodka), screwdrivers, or tequila sunrises (sans grenadine). I have lots of pretty Girl Glass to wash, but it was worth it!

From a sales standpoint the day was pretty sad—but that did leave us time to do things like get our butts sketched! That sounds insane . . . it’s interesting to write about it, because it absolutely requires explanation. Our friend, Jonathan, a talented artist and potter, is at this show, doing “butt sketches.” Now, at first that sounds lude and obscene, doesn’t it? But, apparently this is a phenomenon that is fairly familiar in night clubs . . . imagine a fun souvenir for a date—yours and his/hers in your dancing jeans? But, Jonathan has brought this art form to faire. So, now . . . imagine your finest noble garb from behind! Or, an off-the-shoulders wench in a hiked up skirt? Or that hunky guy in barbarian leather and fur? Now, you’re starting to get the “picture!” I’ll try to remember to take a photo of the artwork next weekend, ’cause I forgot today. But the end result of having one of these butt sketches done, is an amazing charcoal drawing of what is unmistakeably . . . your backside! Head to toe, with all the details of your hat and your hair . . . fabulous! Kyle and I had one done and we liked it so well, we’ve been dragging people out there and offering to pay the almost ridiculously low price of $10/couple for them if they aren’t thrilled with what they get.

Nicole and I did it. Nicole and Shawn did it. Sharon and Jim did it. Iris and Rose did it!
If Janet wasn’t climbing around in the rafters all day, she’d have probably done it, too! 😉  But, there’s always next weekend!



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Birthday Boy and his Flowers

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Birthday Boy and his Flowers

31 October 2009
Happy Birthday, Kyle, My Love

Usually, when one talks about having a birthday and flowers in the same sentence, there are plants involved: daisies or lilies, or even roses. But, with Kyle*, it’s just one Rose . . . and one Iris. And, they aren’t plants.

While Kyle celebrated his natal day, I had a very busy faire day.  The special part of my weekend is that Nicole is here from California!  And not only Nicole, but Shawn and Jerry (our leather-guy/tooling artist) as well!  Nicole, of Pendragon Costumes fame, has more recently created a sister company to Pendragon, known as MadGirl Clothing.  Inside of a year or so, it has become THE source for the serious steampunkers to get the best garb for their flavour of fantasy.  She can be found at most major sci/fi/fantasy/steampunk conventions, and this weekend only, at the Texas Renaissance Festival

So, it was the getting ready for her visit and making the guest artisan booth workable for a clothier that took control of my day yesterday.  And, it was all worth it!  Her booth looked great, and was full of fabulous product!  I just know that when Kyle has a chance to go look, it’s gonna cost me!

He didn’t get there today, though.   I didn’t see as much of my husband on his birthday as I would have preferred.  He spent his day doing what he loves most . . . looking good, drinking beer, and playing with friends.  Happy Birthday, my love!


*I’m not sure why it looks as though he’s flipping me off as I take this photo!  Hmmmm . . .?

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Fairy Circles and Glory Holes and Grapefest

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Fairy Circle

18 September 2009

My first full day back in Texas. I started it by taking Kyle to work, so that when I picked him up we could head straight to Grapefest! On the way into the office, as we were talking, Kyle interrupted himself at one point, and exclaimed as he pointed out the window of the car. His distraction was this amazing “magic circle” as he calls it, or “fairy ring” as I’m more prone to say. I made a mental note of where we’d seen it, and on the way back home, I did a u-turn (I’m back in the land of legal u-turns!), pulled off the road, and grabbed my camera. I walked toward the circle and took a few shots, but made a very conscious decision NOT to walk into the ring!

I spent the day doing housework and laundry and getting ready to move my stuff back in, but between phone calls and such, the time for me to leave to go get Kyle came very fast. We got to Grapefest at about four o’clock (admission was free until five!) and entertained ourselves very well for a while, shopping the various vendors, and just enjoying the beautiful day together. Not too long before our People’s Choice tasting time, Starr and Joe and Alex got there. We made plans to meet up with them after the tasting, and on we went to that part of the event. It was a whirlwind tour of Texas Wineries, as always, and about halfway through the tasting opportunities we decided it was crazy for me to try to keep up with Kyle! 😉 I was holding him back and I didn’t want to be the reason he didn’t meet his persoal goal of tasting something from every winery represented. So, off he went, and came back with enough time to spare that he was able to take me to taste one of his favourites. The final siren always sounds too early, and this year was no exception. We completed our ballots and then I stopped into the glass studio there in Grapevine—Vetro Art Glass. I looked around, took a few photos of the studio to show Shannon, and enjoyed a visit with the manager there whose name is also Shannon!

Then, we made a stop into the blacksmith’s shop and learned that the folks there are also our blacksmith folks at Scarborough, now! That was a nice surprise, and we made new friends in Lonnie, Linda and their son Joseph.

Finally, we were all back together with Starr and Joe, our Grapefest companions for many years, now. We walked a bit, and had some more wine, and then landed at the Gary P. Nunn concert. Nice, old-school country music and a good time. When his show was over and we headed out, we were tired. Home and in bed by about 1:30, with the knowledge that there would be no alarm clock in the morning! Yay!


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A New Friend

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A New Friend

23 May 2009

(edited on 29 May) :-)

I actually know people who believe that one can have too many friends. I don’t.

Granted, the word “friend” is used far too loosely. Most of the people that most of us call “friends” probably would be better described as “acquaintances.” Social network sites like MySpace and Facebook do much to muddy those waters. I, for one, am very picky about who I add as a “friend” on such sites. And, I don’t know many of even those people, as well as I’d like. But, to really have “too many friends?” I don’t think it’s possible!

On that note, Kyle and I have a brand new friend, effective today! She made my day, and so I introduced her to Kyle and snapped their photo. Her name is Terry . . . although, I realize now that I didn’t find out the correct spelling of her name, so I may have it wrong.  (addendum: just found out it should be “Teri.”) She is charming and effervescent, witty and engaging. She is a playtron at the faire, and a talented seamstress (she showed me her husband’s doublet that she’d recently made!) and obviously we have much in common! 😉

The story of our meeting, is what is so special to me . . . I was sitting at the table in our Pendragon Costumes shoppe, finishing up a discussion with a special order customer. As I was bidding those folks farewell, I heard one of my girls telling someone, “she’s right over here . . .” and I knew I was about to be asked a question of some kind. As my worker spoke to introduce the scenario: “MaritaBeth . . . ” the customer interrupted: “You’re MaritaBeth! Hi!”

I didn’t recognize the face, so I cheerfully but curiously replied with “Hi. Do we know each other?” She immediately, but only briefly got rather shy, and quietly said, “Um, no. I follow your blog.”

That was my introduction to Teri. I was, of course, rather floored, and incredibly flattered. How? Why? I wanted to know. Her interests in faire and in costuming and sewing are the logical connection. We chatted for quite a while, and before she left Kyle came in and more conversation ensued, and photos happened.   She told us she had followed intently, our travels in the UK this winter!  And, she said even on the regular days we are entertaining to her.  I was so surprised to think that somebody we had never met was following the KRuMB. We know that we have friends (and acquaintances) who read the KRuMB and rarely, if ever, make a comment, and thereby stay pretty much under our radar. But, I hadn’t really stopped to consider that there might be people out there following our daily adventures, that we hadn’t even met, yet! It still actually rather boggles my mind.

Well, now we know one more reader! And I’m glad to call her a friend. (Now, I just hope she’ll write us a comment and tell me how to spell her name!) 😉


(tee hee: she linked to me on Flickr! I guess she doesn’t have to give up her stalker status here on the KRuMB! Hi, Teri! :-P)

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Happy Hogmanay!

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31 December 2008
Happy Hogmanay! & a Happy New Year!
My goodness what a day. I don’t know how to begin to describe the emotions, the feelings, the sights, sounds, smells & noises. Overwhelming in a word, but comfortable in a sense. There was an absolute vibration that permeated every aspect of every physical being throughout the city.

We walked the length of Princes Street nearly to Calton Hill before deciding we were famished. We had done some shopping along the way, picking up last little oddbits we’d promised people but were well and truly peckish by the time we’d settled into a beautiful little pub called the Guildford Arms just off Princes street tucked away in a little corner of Register Street. As it turns out, this was another pub on my list of “must visit” pubs that I’d simply forgotten about. But, the selection of Real Ales here was, to put it plainly, astounding. We stayed here people-watching, pint-drinking & postcard-writing for a number of hours.

By the time we were ready to leave, Princes Street had been closed off, evacuated and re-opened for the Party in the Streets: The largest New Year’s Eve Party in the world (or so it’s billed). With our wrist bands (the street party ticket) on and our Concert tickets in hand we walked into a smallish, but vibrant throng of people. The true crowd (in fact, the largest crowd ever for a Hogmanay event in Scotland) was still on its way.
Ferris Wheel
(This is one of many carnival rides set up for the event. This ferris wheel dominates Princes Street right next to the Walter Scott Memorial Tower. I had a very difficult time settling on which photo to use for the day but finally chose this one.)
We walked the length of Princes Street before deciding on some more food before taking our place in the Garden Enclosure. We ate our Scottish Beef Burger (with mustard and brown sauce) on the way into the Gardens, stopped at the beer trailer for a Red Stripe (the only beer available) and took our place against a centuries old Oak tree where we could see crowd, castle & concert. What an extraordinary event. The castle sent fireworks up once an hour to mark the hourly countdown; the bands on the stage played shortish sets in between firework displays; the crowd grew larger & larger and drunker & drunker as time went by (outside Bourbon Street in New Orleans, I’ve never seen so many stumblers in one place). Groove Armada, the headliners for our stage, began their performance at approximately 2320. They played right until 2357, when they went silent, the stage went dark and a Master of Ceremonies came forward to kick off the countdown. At exactly midnight, the Castle simply erupted in a three minute fireworks barrage the likes of which I have never seen before. Immediately following, the largest Auld Lang Syne choir (all the ticket holders) ever assembled began the singing of the traditional song belting it out in pure raw, beautiful emotions that even as I’m writing this many hours later brings a tear to my eye and bumps to my flesh. As the final refrain ended, a lone piper emerged on stage and piped “Flower of Scotland” – the crowd went rabid crazy and sung louder and more fiercely than ever before. Groove Armada joined the piper on stage in the dying skirl and renewed the concert in a furious flurry of sound and emotion. I cannot do justice to the power of the event with mere words, it simply must be experienced. Now, some hours later, I’m awake and still trembling with exhaustion from the sheer emotional toll of the event. This has truly been one of the most brilliant events of my life.
Slainte Mhath!


~KR (Written on 1 January 2009)

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Part of an Ostentation

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7 December 2008
Day 2 of Dickens on the Strand and most of us are only barely recovered from Day 1 – part of the fun, I suppose.
I didn’t take as many photos on Day 2 as I did on Day 1 with only 248 making the cut; but once again I was faced with the challenge of what do I post? This is the one I settled on:
The Ostentation
While it does not show the entire group of us, it shows enough to prove the incredible & imposing sight we can be. Some years back some other friends of ours, who flutter along the edges of this core clique, labelled us the Ostentation. I think, looking at the photo, that not a one of us can complain of the label, and in fact I think many of us take pride in the term.
In this photo from left to right, front to back we have:
Front Row: Ginger, Denise, Marita Beth (my wife), BJ (new this year) & Kat
Back Row: Allyson, Larry, Rod (also new this year) & George
A large number of our Ostentation are missing from the photo, sadly, but that certainly didn’t stop this little pose from being one of the most photographed things on the Strand this day. There must have been more than a dozen photographers stopping & shooting over a 5 or 6 minute period. I’m proud to be part of the beauty.

~KR (Written on 10 December 2008 )

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From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea by The Cure
from Wish

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6 December 2008
Galveston has recovered from Ike sufficiently that the 35th annual Dickens on the Strand took place, albeit smaller & more intimate & shorter than normal. This is a weekend I look forward to every year because I get to play. I get to play with friends that I don’t see often enough. I get to play in a manner of playing that suits my sentiment and makes me happy.
On this particular Saturday of Dickens I took 348 photos (that made the cut). It was difficult to decide on which one to use as my Photo of the Day. I eventually settled on this one:
Larry is a dear friend that lives too far away in the hinterlands of North Milwaukee. In this photo, he epitomizes all that is good & great about Dickens on the Strand. And behind him, you can see the fuzzy colour of the hustle-bustle that is the festival.
Thanks Galveston Historical Foundation for providing us this festival.

~KR (Written on 10 December 2008 )

Listening to:
Don’t Let Me Die Still Wondering by Flogging Molly
from Within a Mile of Home

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Three Handsome Gentlemen

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DOTS 08 - Three Handsome Gentlemen

7 December 2008

Sunday gave us another beautiful weather day in Galveston.  The only thing that could really have made my day better, was if the streets were paved in playground rubber!  I really wish I could find a pair of period-looking shoes that would be comfortable for two long days on concrete . . . but I don’t think they exist! 

We had a nice breakfast at the hotel, with an excellent server—our first good experience in that restaurant.  ‘Bout time, I guess.  Kyle and I got to the downtown zone just in time to get a phone call from our friend BJ telling us she was on the island, too!  Her company was a wonderful surprise, and we have to remember to make sure she joins us again next year. 

We did a lot of sitting still today; I’m not the only one who’s feet hurt! :-)  While we were occupying one particular curb, we managed to pass off a couple of our cameras to a trustworthy passerby, and get this photo.    He also promised to email us the photo he took, so we’ll see . . . I’m very pleased with the photo I chose for the KRuMB today.  Kyle and Rod and George all three looked marvelous (despite the fact that Rod was really pretty sick all weekend) and they stood in one place all together for long enough for me to remember I had my camera! 

Our day ended a little earlier today—we really were tired and sore  . . . but we were happy.  Back to the hotel and a quick change of clothes, and out to dinner at Willie G’s!  Yep!  They re-opened on Friday, completely remodeled and re-menued and re-staffed.  The place is modern-looking now, and even though I preferred the old world feel from before Ike, the new look is lovely.  And, it’s symbolic of the changes that Galveston has to face in it’s post-Ike existence.  It’s a new world.

Our weekend draws to a close.  Sunday night means packing to go home.  <sigh>


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