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Dining Room Still-Life

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Dining Room Still Life

15 April 2010

As I made final preparations on the house today, in anticipation of Larry and Denise’s arrival, I moved this lovely vase of flowers and was struck once again, with both their meaning to me and their beauty. So, even though I used the rose as my photo for yesterday, I got the camera and tried to photograph the entire vase full of blooms. Unfortunately, the bouquet is just the right size and shape that I could not for the life of me make it look good in my photo without losing part of it of the edges of my frame. And, while sometimes that works, I didn’t like it today. So, I backed off, instead, and realized that maybe I could capture part of the surroundings and make it interesting. What I have is interesting to me, if not to others—a microcosm of our lives represented in stuff .  I’ve done this before with other places in our home, but it’s been a while, so … here goes …

The flowers of course, tell the story that I shared yesterday, of me being honoured by my friend, and our queen at Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Shannon.  I lovingly placed those flowers in a hand-blown art glass vase, made by my dear friend Shannon Jane Morgan of Girl Glass—the gaffer I enthusiastically apprentice with every summer at Bristol.    It sits on a coaster that’s part of a set of coasters Kyle’s parents brought us from Europe.    And that sits on my antique golden oak, draw-leaf table—the first “new (to me)” antique that I bought after moving in with Kyle.  Behind that, hanging on the wall, is a lovely oak shelf and the beautiful glass yard that hangs from it.  We picked that up at the Colorado Renaissance Faire just days before we were married.    The hanging shelf visible on the left came from the Arizona Renaissance Festival—the first faire Kyle and I worked together on the road.  It holds a couple of bottles of bubbly, gifted to us at our last Hogmanay party, and the tasting glasses we brought home from our first trip to the Messina Hof Winery.   I can see parts of two other beloved antique pieces: on the left, a fabulous little cabinet that houses an antique treadle sewing machine—a gift from George one Dickens weekend from long ago; and a small English sideboard that I picked up for a song a few years ago and which now houses our collection of  liqueurs.  On top of that piece is a wine rack, and heaven knows we love our wine.  That makes me think of our friend Jene, the winemaker at Fredericksburg Winery, who has gifted us with so many of those bottles in that rack.   On top of the sewing machine cabinet, and on the hanging shelf, are many of my houseplants, simple pothos ivy mostly, that I manage to keep alive, and that even Kyle has gotten pretty good at remembering to water while I’m away in the summer.   And, back over on the sideboard you can plainly see the commemorative glass from the Rahr Brewery created just for their award-winning brew we love so much called Iron Thistle.  You can even see, just the corner of a photo frame that holds some favourite photos of mine … a group shot of many of our dearest friends at Dickens, a beautiful shot of my little brother and his daughter (my niece) McKenna, and the one you can actually see of my mama and my grandmother on her 94th birthday.

Such wonderful memories … such rich experiences … such love of friends and family … all represented in one rather average photograph.  It’s just a dining room still-life to most.  But, to me, it’s a tiny glimpse of who I am.


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