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The Bantam Cock

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Marita Beth and I made our annual journey to the Ft. Worth Stock Show this weekend. Normally, I go to drink good beer and watch the women. This year, I'm afraid it was all about cocks and chicks.


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Somewhere Over the Midwest

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For years now I have tried to quell and dispel rumours that working in the airline industry was somehow glamorous. Querying statements like “Oh, how cool. You must get to travel a lot.” and “You get to fly free? That’s great.” are the norm. The reality could not be further from the truth.
This photo, taken out the window of the tiny little Embraer Jet that I am on, was taken somewhere over the Midwest as I wing my way to Omaha, Nebraska.
Why, you ask?
Because working in the airline industry is decidedly NOT glamorous. I have to get home and there are simply no direct routes with space for me, from ORD to DFW during the summer months. So, to accomplish this homeward- bound journey I am flying to OMA where I will wait for four hours and hope (HOPE) to get on a bird bound for DFW.
This is not the glamorous job I hoped for and people believe I have.Cheers.

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Movement at Fred’s

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More at Freds Ye gods I am sick. Not the sick that comes from having drunk too much the night before; not the sick that’s just a little sniffle and a bit of wobbly; this is a full-blown window-shade-drawing, snuggle under blankets with two dogs and a cat with all the sound and lights off kind of sick. I don’t know if it’s flu or something equally heinous, but ye gods, I am sick.


So, no new photos today. This is another photo from Fred’s Texas Café. The fuzz on the left is a combination of my wife’s hair and her scarf. The movement in the middle is some guy who walked through my carefully composed photo creating a happy accident. Thanks guy with no name for being in my photo.


On another note, some few posts back, I issued, without intending to, a challenge to our readers. Well, Terrill – my fellow PubGuy and friend – has taken on that challenge. So, pop on over and read his Delusional Rants and wish him luck on his 365-day journey.



~KR (Written on 12 January 2011)

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