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Christmas in Peebles

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Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Lights

Kyle and the Babes 2015. Day Nine.  Christmas Day.

Today was just exactly what we needed.  A day to relax and enjoy life and each other.

Santa dropped off some little presents for us to open this morning and Roxy and Mandi fixed delicious eggs and such for breakfast. As the day wore on, there was plenty of food and drink, including a visit to the wonderful Bridge Inn.  There was cheese and avocado and wine and cider. There was silly comedy, fabulous music and of course Her Majesty’s annual Christmas address on the telly.  And, there was a wonderful drive around town, up and down many of the back streets of Peebles, as we attempted to gather more information about the lay of the land and the personality of this little town we love so much.

This photo today, although shot in such low light that it’s not as good as I’d have wished, was taken in the neighboring small town of Traquair. The charming display of Christmas spirit included not only a giant Christmas tree, but, Santa and his reindeer and their respective stalls, a “building” representing Santa’s workshop, and even Olaf with some penguin buddies. I was charmed and shot a few pics, never successfully figuring out the identity of the building in the background.

I don’t think it will be a late night, as tomorrow we have a full day planned with an eye on Stirling for overnight.

From Kyle and MaritaBeth (and Roxanna and Mandalyn)–a very happy Christmas to all!




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Upside-down Drums

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Upside-down Drums

26 November 2008

Another work day.  Another day with too few hours in it.

When Kyle got home from work, he was in the rare mood for Asian food and decided to treat me to a meal at our local PF Chang’s.  I had never been to one of these well-known restaurants, and was glad for the experience.  My photo is of the unique (yet, I understand common to this restaurant chain) overhead lighting in the dining room.  We both had tasty meals, and enjoyed stepping outside our norm.

I also took this cute photo of Kyle with his glass of wine.


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