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Kids Days Day Two

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Another Shot of the Closed Booth

5 May 2010

I took this shot of the Pendragon booth after we had put away all the mannequins we put on display during Kids Days.  I’m not sure why I never took a single photo of the kids, or of Garry or Chuck, or of Evelyn at East Wind Games.  But, I did not.

East Wind Games, by the way, did not have a totally futile Kids Days event.  We actually made quite a few sales and I’d say we made it well worthwhile to be open.  Yay!  I also took advantage of being there without the guys to do some much needed cleaning and organizing!  Double Yay!  😉


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‘Twas the Night Before …

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Hand-sewn Glass Pearls

9 April 2010

Done. I chose not to stay up all night last night, and instead got about six hours of sleep and finished all my hand-sewing and sleeve attaching today. I put the final stitch in the queen’s trim at 4 p.m. while she watched, and she carried it out the door five minutes later. Then, it was packing time, shower time, and we were off!

I love the fact that our home faire is really just that —at home. It only takes us about forty minutes to drive from our house to the site, and that is a wonderful thing.

Once at faire, we unloaded and proceeded to do the final prep on both East Wind Games and Pendragon Costumes. My wonderful staff got a head start on me and already had most of the mannequins dressed when we arrived! We worked until about ten, then poured a glass of wine and actually kicked back a little bit before calling it a night.

It’s gonna be a great show!

My photo is a close-up of the handsewn glass pearls I added to the queen’s neckline trim. It was the perfect touch!


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