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Curtis the Red

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Curtis_the_RedCaptain of the Blazing Sun is he, but far more important: my friend.

This jovial gentleman is, in most every sense of the phrase, a gentlemen’s gentlemen. He is ready, willing and able to help a friend, a colleague or even someone he doesn’t know just because he can. He’s an enable extradordinaire, and if he cannot get it done himself, he will find someone who can. At faire, he hangs out with the Blazing Sun and the East Wind Games staff and is always willing to lend a hand or kick someone’s ass at chess.

Next time you see him, give him a hearty handshake, and tell him KR salutes him.


(in the background, please note Lord Blueberry and the Wizard Cialis)


~KR (Written on 7 June 2011)

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New Year’s Eve

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ZHB on New Year's Eve

31 December 2010

New Year’s Eve isn’t the same for us as it was in the fifteen years of hosting one of the few Hogmanay parties in the United States.  It’s very low key by comparison.  But, we manage to make fun where ever we are and with whatever circumstances we’re given.  This year, we were fortunate enough to be invited to a private party where our dear friend Ron was playing in the band!  Ronnie has played the bass for longer than I’ve known him, but I had never before heard him play.  The phrase “it’s about time,” doesn’t even do the situation justice!  So, we pounced on the opportunity and we had a great time.  It turns out … he’s really good! <wink>

We listened to his band–the Zane Henley Band, and then we listened to the first set by the headlining band … also named after it’s lead singer, but obviously not sticking in my head.  We toasted the New Year, sang Old Lang Syne and crawled in bed by 1:30 p.m.  Welcome 2011.


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The Beautiful Glenda

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The Beautiful Glenda

25 April 2010

Sometimes I have to struggle not to borrow from Frank L. Baum and use the phrase, “Glenda, the Good.” For, this lovely lady is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. We became friends well over a decade ago, through our mutual love of both comic books and faire. Glenda and her husband David were part of our Order of the Silver Ribbon in years gone by. Their son collected comics and I believe that Glenda even worked at a local comic store for a while … I’m not sure why she didn’t work for me! But, at any rate, our friendship has continued and now both David and Glenda are part of the Scarborough performing company. When I first got wind of the fact that Glenda might want a new dress, I jumped right into the deep end and told David I wanted to be the one to make it! It was a secret for a while … meant to be a surprise to her, while he paid me in installments. But, by the time it was time for measurements, the cat was out of the bag and she came prepared with pictures of dresses she loved. We picked the best and most do-able elements of each, and designed a dress that would make her happy. Originally meant to be blue … last minute “intell” about what other women would be wearing this year, caused her to change her choice to copper, and I don’t think she ever looked back! It was a good choice, and I am very proud of how she looks in what I created.

I just realized … there are two, real-live “Glenda, the Good”s in my life, and I took pictures of both of them this week! Both beautiful, talented, wonderful women that I am proud to call friend.


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