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Shiner Bock at Trinity Tavern

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18 January 2011

I don’t think I’ve taken much opportunity here on the Daily KRuMB to wax enthusiastic about the new local that opened up just a mile or so from my office.  It’s very conveniently situated between the office and the house, which makes it the perfect place to stop and unload some office stress before I go home to my wife and dogs (and a cat who wouldn’t care if I never came home). The Trinity Tavern opened in August to little or no fanfare, but I was there; and I have been there many, many times since. Shiner_at_Trinity_TavernLike every bar, it has it’s faults – the bar area is far too wide creating a lot of wasted space; the single register is at one end rather than more centrally located creating an isolationist experience when it’s busy as the wait staff and bar tenders have to queue at the register to enter or retrieve orders; the hardwood ceiling, floors and furniture in conjunction with the granite bar top are conceptually beautiful and elegant on the eyes but there are no “dead zones” and the sound can be quite deafening at certain times of the day; their beer selection, while growing, leaves a lot to be desired – there are only 4 regular taps with a 5th that rotates through the distributors. All that aside, the place will continue to keep my patronage for the things it does right. The wait and bar staff are attentive (when not queued at the far end of the bar at the single register) and friendly, the food, made fresh onsite, is quite excellent (Trinity Tavern is attached at the hip to Double Dave’s pizza which means you can also order some of their famous ‘Peproni Rolls’ or pizza). But, hand’s down, the very best feature of all for this well-traveled bar-frequenter is that in a city that still allows smoking indoors, the owners of Trinity Tavern have made the forward-thinking choice to be a non-smoking bar. You can go out on to their (not sheltered) patio to have a smoke, but do not light up inside. Until the rest of the area goes non-smoking, I will choose to spend my time and my money at establishments that care about the well-being and health of both their employees and their patrons.

Thank you, Trinity Tavern, for offering me a place to have a beer and a conversation in a fresh-air environment.



~KR (Written on 23 January 2011)

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Pizza Perspective

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20 September 2008
I watched some football this morning, then Marita Beth & went errand running. In the course of the errands, I managed to convince her that beer & pizza are a lovely combination and that we should have some. :-)
This is that pizza
Pizza Perspective
which we acquired at BJ’s Brew Pub in Arlington. The pizza was quite tasty and I’ve always been fond of their Jeremiah Red. MB had a hefeweissen of some sort, then we shared their Oktoberfest lager. I told you beer & pizza was a good combination.

~KR (Written on 22 September 2008 )

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Dinner on an Icy Saturday Night

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January 13
It’s Saturday night and we’re iced in (well, truthfully we’re not, but I don’t trust the folks on the road in this kind of weather), so we decide to stay in, watch some telly and have a pizza. I’m not the kind of person to ask a delivery driver making minimum wage to put his life on the line if I’m not willing to do the same, so frozen pizza it is. Not good nutrition; heck, not even good food; but a fun photo I think.

~KR (day seventy-five — 13 January, 2007)

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