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PubGuys at J. Gilligans

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27 January 2010
We recorded tonight at J. Gilligan’s in Arlington. Home of the world-famous Irish Nachos. It was a good show, if I do say so myself, with quite a number of audience members. Larger than our normal crowd, I think. I fear we may have upset the “locals” a bit, because we definitely invade a space. Next time, we’ll probably need to record in the bar.
PubGuys at J. Gilligans

~KR (Written on 22 February 2010)

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Pub Guys Recording Session

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PubGuys Recording Session

27 October 2009

My day was spent with an eye on the clock, ’cause once again, I was going to be sure to attend the PubGuys recording session, and this time, I didn’t want to be late! I got my wish—in fact, I got chauffeur service! Kyle was able to stop and pick me up on his way on down Hwy 287 to the Firehouse Grill where today’s recording was to take place.

This is a great place, by the way . . . and a little too off-the-beaten path to be as well-patronized as it deserves.  It’s in Mansfield, in the same shopping center with the Home Goods and Marshalls store . . . right along Hwy 287.  Awesome food, huge selection of beers, (Rahr Octoberfest is on tap!) full bar, and great people!  Check it out.

It was a good session . . . made a little more special when the pub/restaurant owner came over to join the guys at the mics!


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