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Flat Tristan Goes Texas!

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Flat Tristan Goes Texas

3 May 2010

One of last week’s posts was a shot of the “Flat Tristan” Nicole’s son made—a “paper doll” of himself that I was to photograph and send back to the school. I took him for a walk with the dogs and placed him in a local bluebonnet patch to represent his visit to Texas in the spring. The instructions from the school were to send him back with his photo and perhaps a souvenir for the child. I was sorry to say that money and time were both a bit tight and I couldn’t easily find a good Texas t-shirt that I really liked. I didn’t really know what size to buy for Tristan, anyway. I did find a really cool key ring that went in the envelope when all was said and done. I know when I was a kid and had only a couple of keys of my own, a cool key ring was an awesome thing. Hopefully, times haven’t changed much in that regard.

But, I felt I hadn’t done enough. I mean, I don’t live anywhere cool enough to have a giant arch, or statue, or widely recognized skyscraper … and my photos weren’t very exciting. The dogs added a personal touch that was fun, but … what else could I do? Then, I got the brainstorm … Flat Tristan should go home dressed like he’d been to Texas! Tristan had colored him in a t-shirt and blue pants I fancied to be jeans … so that part was done. A Texas t-shirt for the paper doll was my first thought. I made it from heavy scrapbooking paper (of which I have plenty!) and even remembered to put little tabs on it here and there like paper doll clothes always have. I was pleased with the results and then got another idea! A hat! He needed a cowboy hat. And when that turned out so well, I thought boots just had to be next.

I am very pleased with the results of my efforts and I hope that Tristan, his teacher, and even Nicole get a good smile out of my silliness.


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