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The Bantam Cock

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Marita Beth and I made our annual journey to the Ft. Worth Stock Show this weekend. Normally, I go to drink good beer and watch the women. This year, I'm afraid it was all about cocks and chicks.


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Pirate Booty

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hanging_coinsOne of the best things about being surrounded by so many talented, beautiful people is that they can do anything.

The incredible Allyson, of Beading Dreams wonderfulness, saw that I carried coins as part of my stock at faire. She said: Hey, do you want me to make jewelry out of those?

These are the last two remaining of the first batch she made for East Wind Games. Beautiful, aren’t they? One is wire wrapped, and one is bezeled.

In the back is Jorge reading the rules to an excellent new game we carry called Stronghold. It’s complex, but quite excellent.



~KR (Written on 26 June 2011)

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