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World of Beer in Tampa

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Beer in Tampa
SAM_0055, a photo by crazyBobcat on Flickr.
Marita Beth and I drove to Florida for MB’s annual trip to visit family. With my new job providing for me the gift of time off over Christmas, we figured this was best. We could both go, we could take the dogs, and I would be autonomous not needing to rely on rides from the family.
We also, due to unforseen, but fortuitous circumstances, were able to leave a day early. So, with a single stop in Pensacola, Florida (and a Christmas Eve stop off at the World of Beer there), we arrived in Davenport, Florida in time to spend the last couple of Christmas hours with family.
Since they weren’t planning on us for another 24 hours, MB and I took the day and visited Tarpon Springs by way of Tampa.
Lovely food in Tarpon at the 701 Tap (we were looking for a maritime salvage shop that was, sadly, closed) and some excellent beers by Sweetwater – our first intro to Sweetwater. That’s some fine beer, there. Then back to Tamp to visit as many World of Beers as we could. We tried to visit three, but only managed two as the third was inside the sports stadium and not open on our visit.
This photo is of a Cold Mountain Winter Ale by Highland Brewing (I rated it a 4 on Untappd) taken with my new camera while sitting at the South Tampa World of Beer. We had a lovely time and I highly recommend Tom and the crew at this location.
Written on 5 January 2014
Watching ManUnited v Swansea (FA Cup)

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Mother in Cross Stitch

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Mother in Cross Stitch

This is a close-up I snapped of a cross-stitched piece I did for my mother many years ago. I feel like I’ve even photographed it on some previous trip to Florida. But, it hangs in the room where I sleep when I’m here, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

When I posted here on the KRuMB, a pretty pink camellia the other day, I thought I hadn’t taken a photo on that day … turns out, this is my photo from the 16th. I did remember to take a photo … I just didn’t remember that I’d remembered! :-)

So, I’ll post it as a bonus!


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