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Winchester for the Win

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

High Street Silly

Kyle and the Babes. Day Three. Happy Birthday, Roxy!

Driving in England is practically second nature to Kyle, so it was his pleasure to go out fairly early this morning and retrieve the hired car in which we will spend the next couple of weeks touring.  We checked out of our hotel and pointed the car south toward the one bit of southern England we’re going to see on this trip.  The city of Winchester was our destination, but along the way Kyle had determined that we had just enough time to locate one of CAMRA’s top-rated pubs.  Our internet provision is still not quite perfect, so MaritaBeth got to use her navigation skills and a paper map to navigate the first part of the trip.  Seems those skills are in good working order and all were rather impressed enough that a virtual badge was awarded.

Lunch, then, was at this darling little (like maybe seven tables) pub called The Plough Inn in a tiny town called Little London.  We enjoyed some very real ale (and a real first press cider) and wonderful pub sandwiches on baguettes.  A perfectly delightful travel stop, if not a bit out of our way, and worth every extra kilometer.  We were soon back on our way south toward Winchester, and easily found our lovely accommodation upon arrival in town.  We had pre-booked rooms at the beautiful Victorian Giffard House, a 13-room hotel which holds the distinction of being the number one rated place to stay according to Trip Advisor. We unloaded the car, donned our comfy shoes and began the fifteen minute walk to the Cathedral.  We weren’t headed to church, though…we were headed to what is touted as England’s largest Christmas Market!  The walk was lovely, the weather still unseasonably warm, and our goal was reached quickly.  Daylight was fading, and thousands of tiny lights were beckoning.  First things first, of course–we each got ourselves a cup of hot mulled wine–then into the marketplace we went. We left surprisingly unscathed, but there might have been a jolly holiday present or two procured. 😉  Kyle and MaritaBeth also made a great contact with a small game manufacturer that should come in quite handy for East Wind Games.

We thoroughly enjoyed the event, shopping our way around it for a couple of hours, until Kyle finally got confirmation that our friends Andy and Tony had in fact made it to town and were waiting for us in a pub on the High Street.  A short walk (and a quick stop for some Thai street food) and we were at the apparently popular Alfie’s.  It was wonderful to see these two again (and to meet Andy’s lovely lady Kate) and the evening flew by.  We shared pints, stories, jokes, and memories and sincerely deepened our friendship with and our love for these friends.  We look forward to the day when they can come visit us in the states!

All good things must eventually come to an end, and this visit was no exception, of course.  We said our goodbyes, and soon after they headed home, we took to the High Street on our way back to the hotel.  Along the way we took some photos, saw some sights (many of the buildings on the High Street date from the twelfth and thirteenth century) and even found one more pub in which to elongate our fun and wish Roxy a very happy birthday! Finally, we arrived back at our elegant lodgings and said goodnight with the promise of a proper English breakfast at nine in the morning.


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