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Happy New Year

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On New Year’s Eve, MaritaBeth & I had the pleasure of seeing our long-time friend, Ron, play bass in a local Red Dirt Country band. 20101231210648 A few original songs, a few covers, and all of it was good ol’ rolickin’ fun. Ron and his band, The Zane Henley Band, opened for the Robert Donahue band who are truly, in Robert Donahue’s own words, “the best band in Texas.” I was impressed by them. But, the thing I liked best was seeing Ron play. In the many, many years I’ve known the man, I’ve never before had opportunity to watch him. It was a marvelous way to start the New Year.


Speaking of, please know that while I won’t promise to post every day – that would just lead to disappointment – I do hope to post more frequently. I now have a laptop that does not take 13 minutes to boot up, and a new Lumix camera. Therefore, I intend to dedicate more of my time to the Daily KRuMB Project in 2011.



~KR (Written on 2 January 2011)

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New Year’s Eve

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ZHB on New Year's Eve

31 December 2010

New Year’s Eve isn’t the same for us as it was in the fifteen years of hosting one of the few Hogmanay parties in the United States.  It’s very low key by comparison.  But, we manage to make fun where ever we are and with whatever circumstances we’re given.  This year, we were fortunate enough to be invited to a private party where our dear friend Ron was playing in the band!  Ronnie has played the bass for longer than I’ve known him, but I had never before heard him play.  The phrase “it’s about time,” doesn’t even do the situation justice!  So, we pounced on the opportunity and we had a great time.  It turns out … he’s really good! <wink>

We listened to his band–the Zane Henley Band, and then we listened to the first set by the headlining band … also named after it’s lead singer, but obviously not sticking in my head.  We toasted the New Year, sang Old Lang Syne and crawled in bed by 1:30 p.m.  Welcome 2011.


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